12 December 2013

Tunnel of Light

Now open at Nitroglobus Gallery, curated by Nitro Fireguard and Dido Haas, is a stunning installation, Tunnel of Light: an experience by Mr and Mrs B. (Burk Bode & Maloe Vansant), by photographers Burk Bode and Maloe Vansant. It's exceptional not only because of the excellent artistic work of Burk and Maloe, but also and especially because of the installation design. Rather than having their two-dimensional works hung on the walls in a traditional gallery setting, the artists have used projectors to literally shine the works on the bending and curving walls and floors of the space, transforming the experience into one where the gallery itself is the artwork, as are visitors if they wander into the path of the light. This "Tunnel of Light" was originally conceived by Burk, and you can purchase at the landing point a smaller 40m x 40m version for your personal enjoyment.

To appreciate this exhibition—to really see it at all—you must have advanced lighting model turned on, as well as local lights and a default windlight setting (Ambient Dark, although others might work). When I arrived, I happened to bump into Winter Hendes, and so the two of us explored the space together, and he remarked that he found it quite enjoyable to venture through in mouselook, which would never have occurred to me. Some of the pathways are easy to navigate, and others are playfully confusing—actually by watching Winter roam about I discovered a couple places I would have missed, and even then I wasn't quite sure I had seen everything. A tip jar for Nitroglobus is located at the landing point.

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