23 December 2013

Project PossUM

My friend and fellow blogger Kara Trapdoor posted a photo on flickr recently that caught my eye: an ornate structure created from what appears to be Delft pottery. Located on the sim Aldous Huxley—"Home of Tree and Ocean SL (TOSL) and Project PossUM!"—this charming little build is set on an enormous plate that stretches across the sim—click here for a reasonable landing point.

This, I suppose is the "Project PossUM" part of the sim, which is also is home to the shop Tree and Ocean SL, owned by designer Quinlan Quimby (or QQ, as she prefers). Although it's under construction, the shop, located above the world of pottery, is also delightfully quirky and worth a visit. Click here to teleport up—be sure to cam or venture outside the store to see it in full.

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