21 December 2013

Kowloon Tote Bag Festival

I haven't written about Kowloon since my early blogging days (way back in 2010 with this entry), and I never really blog about freebies and things to buy, but the new Kowloon Tote Bag Festival gives me an excuse to revisit this extraordinary sim, which continues to stand as one of the jewels of Second Life. So, if you're into things like tote bags, pop on over to Kowloon to grab any of several dozen different designs, all for free, being distributed in six different locations around the sim.

But beyond that, explore the labyrinthian corridors, alleys and streets of Kowloon, designed by magnum Yoshikawa. Even now, having roamed on and off for years, I'm often finding little spots I hadn't discovered, and Kowloon's shops, not found elsewhere, continue to offer new items. There are hidden locations, as well: can you find the room shown below?

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