10 December 2013

Sleepy Snail

Snails bring to mind motion so slow that it might be imperceptible. And a sleepy snail? Would we see it move at all? Determine for yourself at Rebeca Bashly's new installation, Sleepy Snail, which opened Sunday at Per4mances metaLES ..O.., managed by Ux Hax, Lanjran Choche and Romy Nayar. In contrast to Rebeca's recent installations Invisible People and Colour Key, Sleepy Snail is almost lyrical and lightheartedly whimsical. A giant snail (upper photo) dominates the sim-wide build, stretching about 125 meters into the air, its bronze and glass construction evocative of steampunk style.

The enormous snail overlooks ten platforms set on the water below, from each of which blossoms radiant golden leaves. Some platforms are home to smaller snails, some to curvaceous metallic platforms, and one to a couple of fireflies on its uppermost reaches. We readily see that the central, giant snail is hollow, and within it are a series of small platforms, connected by circular staircases, that lead up to another firefly. What it all means, if anything, I don't know, but it's beautifully constructed and delightful. While you're there, take the teleport located at the extreme northeast corner of the sim to visit a machinima station featuring works by other artists.

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