20 December 2013

Roots & War

Several days ago, JadeYu Fhang opened Roots & War, an installation situated in the sky over her sim (about which I'm to sure to write more soon). Two enormous globes are aloft in air, connected tenuously by tangled roots that stretch from one to the other. Inside the first, where one lands, is what appears to be a scene of carnage, although not without some signs of rebirth or hope (at least from how I was seeing it). The sphere contains another, smaller, structure that looks a bit alien, a ship of some sort perhaps, but the scene inside features Death on a horse, smoke rising from smoldering fires. Above the entire sphere, two colossal hands reach out as if to encircle it, one looking significantly more ominous than the other.

The second large globe, to which one can either fly or walk, is comparatively quiet. While not a carbon copy of the first, it lacks the scenes of death and decay, and feels almost meditative, its grayish-brown surface looking suggestively lunar. It's important to have local sounds turned up in the installation. If you like what you see, venture down to the ground to explore more of JadeYu's artwork.

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