29 December 2013

Isle of Serendipity

Neva Crystall, who has emerged as one of Second Life's premier sim designers, several days ago opened the wintery region Isle of Serendipity, adjacent to her well known Neva River (about which I wrote here back in spring 2013). It's a splendid and enchanting place, where the chilly scenes are complemented by the warmth of smoke rising from chimneys and wood fires burning in the distance. The snow, which falls softly everywhere, has packed onto the ground; paths invite us to set out on foot.

Part of what is so impressive about Neva's designs is the way in which we see as we explore: our field of view can be limited as we climb a hill or round a bend, perhaps only seeing the tips or sides of the barren trees, but then a beautiful vista might open before us, affording a tremendous view. While most of the pathways on Isle of Serendipity are open to the public, the homes are rental locations, so please be respectful as you wander, lest you walk into someone's back yard. (Although it might seem an imperfect solution, turning on Property Lines can help see where safe travels lie.) This is simply a delight in which to wander.


  1. Wonderful post, Ziki! I will sure go back there. (I ended crashing last night...lol)

  2. Thanks—nice to meet you there!