11 December 2014

Asalia House

The entrance to Asalia House, on the region seni seviyorum (about which I last wrote here, although nothing of the older build remains), is a delight: We're in a welcoming little space with nowhere to go — but we do spot a rabbit hurrying somewhere, and that's our cue. Lewis Carroll would be proud of the playful interpretation as we fall through the rabbit hole (don't miss the scenery), drink to shrink, and finally arrive on the ground level. And what awaits on the ground is a beautiful setting — a little island of dense gardens and walkways.

We stroll along a woodland path through a forest of spectacular mushrooms (middle image) toward a green chessboard and house of cards (although perhaps part of this area is under construction), continuing the Alice connections. A nearby windmill, spinning lazily, overlooks a table set for tea, as geese skim the water in the distance. And further out from shore, toward the north, you'll spot a quaint little house, strewn with curiosities and poses (lowest image). And there you'll also find a tip jar, should you like to make a contribution. The images here (click to zoom in) show the region's default windlight setting. [Update: I spoke with さぁこ (Kyo Asalia), one of the designers, and she confirms that areas are still under construction, but welcomes people to visit.]

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