27 December 2014

Glyph Graves and Artistide Despres at LEA8

Among the artists whose works are on display at LEA8 as part of the Art & Algorithms Digital Arts Festival are Glyph Graves and Artistide 'Artée' Despres (or Philippe Moroux in real life), and in both cases the artists use streaming data from real life as key components of their works. Glyph displays three works — The Forest of Water, Breeze (image above) and Ghost Flora — that are deceptively simple at first glance. In The Forest of Water, the rise and fall of water levels in various rivers throughout the world generates musical notes that emanate from silvery trees, while Breeze uses real-time data from the ACE satellite, which measures the solar wind, to create a dynamic display of shapes and sounds.

In Artée's work, Alea Fukishima (lower image), levels of radioactivity in Yokohama play a role in the music generated in the installation (something like an abandoned reactor), while the movements of visitors also generate also create sonic reactions. Click on the signs at the entrance to each installation for full biographical details on the artists and additional information.

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