30 December 2014

Wrong Pics

Now on display at photographer Melusina Parkin's gallery, e-mage, at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel, is an exhibition curiously entitled Wrong Pics. "Despite the exhibit's title, I didn't pick up my worst photos from the wastebin," she says. "These pics are the outcome of a long work of selecting, re-thinking and editing quite good photos, with the aim of enhancing a meaning the subject could inspire, by extreme manipulations of its features." Citing a book by Clement Chéroux (photographic conservator at the Pompidou in Paris), Fautographie: petite histoire de l'erreur photographique, she explains that "photographic 'error' has been consciously used as a technique for proposing innovative and provocative aesthetics." While it would be interesting to know more about each of these images, I didn't find them as compelling as Melu's usual (and strikingly well composed) photos — and for those, take a look at her flickr stream, where she's been publishing a beautiful series of works.

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