14 December 2014

Winter Moon

The sim Winter Moon, a favorite among many who seek out photogenic locations, is living up to its name, literally, with a seasonal makeover that treats us to candlelit paths and softly illuminated trees. From the landing point, explorers can set out either clockwise or counterclockwise — the path winds its way around the outside of the entire sim, affording beautiful views of waterfalls in the sim's center and the lighthouse that stretches into the sky.

Throughout the sim, designer Dream Shadowcry has created little vignettes or composed scenes such as the one in the middle image. There's also a beach on the northeastern corner of Winter Moon (lower photo), and you won't see many signs of winter here or in the tropical lands that stretch down the eastern edge. The sim's windlight setting, pictured, results in a better experience than photos would suggest. To see a previous post about Winter Moon, click here.

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