29 December 2014

Pinoy Hideout

One of the more picturesque winter sims to visit — and I'm sure it would be lovely during any part of the year — is Pinoy Hideout, owned by Kate Gavin (lovelykitten Resident) and designed by Neva Crystal. The sim, which opened in early November, certainly bears Neva's hand, but it's distinctively unique and charmingly inviting. From the landing point, fairly close to the center of Pinoy Hideout, one can set out on foot either to the north — around a bend toward a beached ship, passing by a smaller island (middle image) with towering outcrops of stone to the west — or toward the south, which bring one toward the central town area, and, further south, an iced-over pond (presently adorned with a tall Christmas tree) at which one can rez a sled.

A small island on the southeast corner hosts a lighthouse (lower image, in the distance), which overlooks the ruins of a bridge and those of a forgotten cathedral. And thrusting up from the ground on either side of the town (it's not quite a town, but you'll see) are two heights of bedrock, one a host to a dance floor and the other to a rustic mountain cabin (top image). The interior furnishings of all the homes and buildings are as thoughtfully designed as the landscape itself, which is enjoyable at every turn. As usual, Neva has somehow managed to design the region so that it appears to be larger than it really is, and that makes a visit all the more worthwhile. As usual, I'll post some images on my flickr stream.

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