12 December 2014

Winter [Imagination]

ARNICAR India's beautiful sim, [Imagination], has transformed into a strikingly beautiful winter experience — now appropriately renamed Winter [Imagination] — and merits extended or repeated visits. While most sims are square in design (based, of course, on existing limitations), the water region [Imagination] embraces the circle: from overhead, one can see the waves slowing moving toward the center from every direction, and the sim is neatly divided into thirds by wintery paths and stone walkways. The views from any angle are superb and afford some great photographic opportunities.

Tall shapes tower over the sim, anchoring our gaze at various points: an antiquated lighthouse, a huge hot air balloon, a massive tree, and a floating house. Toward the west, two children skate on a frozen pond, and here you can dance with a friend — just watch your step. (And that's where you'll also spot a tip jar in the form of a toy horse.) And everywhere are beautiful small touches — for example toward the north an elegant table set with cocktails and dessert, attended by a white peacock. If you're not using a viewer that auto-accepts region windlight, try [TOR] NIGHT - Bright blue horizon.

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