20 December 2014

Whiskey Monday Exhibitions

While you're awaiting Whiskey Monday's forthcoming installation on one of the LEA sims in January, you might have an interest in visiting two exhibitions of her work. The first, entitled Selected Letters, is the inaugural exhibition at the new art space at The Pixel Bean, a coffee house and favorite gathering place for many, owned by Harlow Heslop. The prints are located on the upper floor (top image) and all are for sale. Originally scheduled to run through the end of December, the the show is likely to run longer — Harlow tells me people are enjoying too much for it to end.

The second, Pure Whiskey, is on display at Lauk's Nest Across the Road, on the third floor of a gallery space (bottom image) curated by Eliana Zaytsev (who also owns Lauk's Nest itself, the ancient home of creator Laukosargas Svarog). The works here aren't for sale — they're part of Eli's personal collection — but include some of Whiskey's most impressive work.

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