07 December 2014

Never Ending

One's excursion to Never Ending - Winter Story on the sim Papillon, created by a collective of Japanese designers, starts slowly and quietly, on an icy peninsula. (You'll hear the snow crunching under your feet as you walk.) And as one sets out on foot, buildings begin to emerge: a winter home (with beautiful interior decorations), a flea circus (with opportunities for silliness), and soon a delightfully cute winter town. And further afield you'll discover penguins skating on ice, a wonderland of pastel trees, and other adorable little spaces (many with hidden poses — don't miss the bubbles along the line of umbrellas).

But there's more than first meets the eye: up above the town, look for a double set of doors. They're the entrance into another world far overhead, and it's a stunning black and white realm — my friend Kinn, with whom I was exploring, exclaimed, "Oh, this is awesome!" when she entered. And it's on two levels: look around for additional doors to move up and down, or walk into the shining light through the castle entrance. And speaking of doors, be sure to explore others around the sim — they jump between spaces. (There are also a few teleport boards.) And be on the lookout for a big grey box with a blue ribbon around it — it's a gift from the designers. Thanks to the Papillon team for sharing this beautiful sim with the community.

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