09 December 2014

Second Life Suggestions

Yes, you did see that correctly. The Lab has launched a "suggestions" page, asking residents their thoughts on a variety of topics: audio, avatars, communications, content creation, documentation, groups, install issues, inventory, L$ (commerce), land, localization, mesh, navigation, other/unknown, performance, physics, rendering, scripts, simulation, teleport, tools, user interface, and viewer. Read more here in a blog post today from the Lab.

But do keep in mind, as Torley offered a few minutes ago on plurk, "When making suggestions, please consider providing context as to why this would be of broad benefit to the Second Life community. By all means by passionate but think about what good this does for the world." (Torley said that one thing he'd like to see is faster, easier access to debug settings.) Also, keep in mind this isn't for reporting bugs — for those, head over to the JIRA.

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