03 December 2014

Transcending Borders: The 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge

I recently wrote about the University of Western Australia (UWA) machinima competition, and it's also possible to enjoy inworld three-dimensional art at the UWA sim, all submitted as part of Transcending Borders: The 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge (about which you can read more here). Between the two competitions, more than L$1,000,000 will be awarded this month. Sixty-seven artists submitted three-dimensional works, and all the entries are on display at the UWA sim (with one exception — there's a teleport link), and you're guaranteed to find something you'll enjoy as you investigate. Kudos to UWA's Jayjay Zifanwe for championing these remarkable competitions, and to FreeWee Ling as the lead curator — this is no small amount of effort. Here are slurls to the various artworks:

Ama Avro (Strasbourg, France) - Utopia
Asperix Asp (Zaragoza, Spain) - Infinite Landmark
Bamboo Barnes (Osaka, Japan) - Rasen
Blue Tsuki (Seattle, Washington, USA) - Event Horizon
(third image) Charles Hera (Portland, Oregon, USA) - Adaption - Relationship
Corcosman Voom (California, USA) - The Tribes Go Up
Daco Monday (Italy) - Tango 12
Danuc Landar (Orlando, Florida, USA) - Transcending Borders
Dijodi Dubratt (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) - The Land Office
Dusty Canning (Perth, Australia) - The Yellow House
(second image) Eifachfilm Vacirca (Zurich, Switzerland) - Materialised
Elettra Beardmore (Caligari, Italy) - Over Human Transcendence
Eliza Cabassoun (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) - Soul Of Heart
Eliza Quinzet-Leijon (Wyoming, USA) - Free Flight Into The Wordless
Elyyza (Alytus, Lithuania) - Meeting With A Conscience
Frankx Lefavre (Sydney, Australia) - Ziggurat
Ginger Lorakeet (Arizona, USA) - Transcending Borders
Giorgio Nexen (Milan, Italy) - Sharing Ideas Face To Face
Giovanna Cerise (Napoli, Italy) - Saudade
Glyph Graves (Sydney, Australia) - Presence III
(top image) Haveit Neox (California, USA) - PrimChords
Igor Ballyhoo (Belgrade, Serbia) - Inside My Chests
iSkye (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA) - Nature Sees No Borders
Jedda Zenovka (Byron Shire, Australia) - Universal Love
Jesse Keyes (Dawsonville, Georgia, USA) - Virtual Stereoscope
Jipe Loon (Annemasse, France) - Baculum murder
Johnny Lane (Salem, Missouri, USA) - 4 Dimensions
JointVenture Resident (Bremen, Germany) - Little Feet On Their Greatest Step
Kicca Igaly (Milan, Italy) - Transcending Borders
kjs Yip (Emsdetten, Germany) - Following Oskar
Krystali Rabeni (Blackpool, Lancashire, UK) - Aoratos Synora (Invisible Borders)
Lagu Indigo (UK) - Reach For The Stars
Lalie Sorbet (Pondicherry, India) - Walking Trough Appearances
Lilia Artis (Berne, Switzerland) - Crossing Borders
Luko Enoch (Somerset, UK) - Borderless
Misio2 (Melbourne, Australia) - Pendant "Planet Takni"
Miso Susanowa (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) - 360 Degrees Of Freedom
Misprint Thursday (New Hampshire, USA) - Transcend The Bomb
Mistero Hifeng (Italy) - I... io
Myhns Mayo (Venice, Italy) - Fix TIme and Dissolve The Space
NaTaS Janus (Painfield, Indiana, USA) - Transverse Pandemonium
Nino Vichan (New York City, USA) - Bob & The Box
Pale Illusion (Berlin, Germany) - The Paper Empire
Peli Dieterle (Cologne, Germany) - Zoom In / Zoom Out
Penelope Parx (Rome, Italy) - Bookstair
Pixels Sideways (Southern California, USA) - Transcending Borderz
Pol Jarvinen (Saint Jean de Luz, France) - Transcending Borders
Roc Furse (Den Bosch , Netherlands) - Set Yourself Free
Ronin1 Shippe (New Mexico, USA) - The Lute Player
Secret Rage (Dallas, Texas, USA) - Where do we cross the line?
Seraph Kegel (Montevideo, Uruguay) - The Drawers We Fit
Sharni Azalee (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) - "Never say Never" - Love Transcends Borders
Sheba Blitz (Northern Rivers NSW, Australia) - Android Ascension
Shenn Coleman (Avignon, France) - Sunrise Spirit
Silva Khandr (Porto, Portugal) - Union
Slatan Dryke (Milan, Italy) - Quantum Shift
Sniper Siemens (Siena, Italy) - Secret Border
Soror Nishi (UK) - The Nature Of Unity
Spiral Silverstar (Ponchatoula, Louisiana, USA) - Tranz
Stardove Spirt (Wales, UK) - Mirrored Self Of Pixel
Swann Jie (Paris/Hong Kong, France/China) - HuaKui Cube Wall Section
Takni & Misio2 (Barcelona/Melbourne, Spain/Australia) - Offworld
Talia Sunsong (Berkeley, California, USA) - Judgment, Blocking and Success
VilleH (Milan, Italy) - Turbulent Kinetic Suggestions
Wizard Gynoid (Seattle, USA) - The 5 Elements
Xia Firethorn (UK) - Transcending
Yepar Saenz (Martinique, France) - Transcending Borders: The Wall

Several works require special settings: windlight, advanced lighting model or media, and you might need to teleport locally to see several of the larger pieces. One in particular, Glyph Graves's Presence III, actually requires the artist's active participation to bring it to life: as Glyph moves about his room in real life — getting up from his chair, opening the window, turning on the ceiling light and so on — the changes are reflected in real time in the Second Life space, sonic footsteps included. So, if you spot him there, be sure to ask for a demonstration.

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