02 December 2014

Project Algorithm

Opening today, Tuesday, December 2, at 1:30 pm slt, is Project Algorithm, which complements Giovanna Cerise's existing build on LEA21 (Chaos, Kosmos, about which you can read here). The new materials are not by Giovanna but by three artists whom she invited to participate: Pol Jarvinan (with Live and die, upper image), Daco Monday (with Caos, middle image) and Nino Vichan (with Oservatorium, lower image). Each of these new builds is reachable through a teleport at the landing point, and in materials and overall look they do mirror (whether intentionally or not) some of Giovanna's work on the ground.

I had only some time to talk with one of the artists, Pol, prior to writing today, and he mentioned that "Giovanna asked me to work on opposite things — I chose live and die." I remarked that the field crosses and circles in Live and die reminded me of a cemetery, which must have been the desired effect, because he replied that the black and white of the cemetery crosses contrasts with the colored space in the center: life. One can also see the focus on opposites in Nino's work, subtitled The Algorithm Between Fantasy and Prediction, which provides some exhibition notes that state in part, "The algorithm between fantasy and prediction is not based on linear steps — Astronomy shares in the awe of astrology — Chemistry shares in the awe of alchemy." The installations will continue through the end of December.

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