16 December 2014

Linden Endowment for the Arts Announces Artist-in-Residence Grants

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) has announced the eighth round of Artist-in-Residence grants, which provides full sims for a period of six months (January through June 2015) to twenty artists. The recipients, who will have up to four months in which to build before opening, comprise:
Art Blue
Asmita Duranjaya and Sable (snakeappletree)
frankx lefavre
FreeWee Ling
Giovanna Cerise (middle image)
Gracie Kendal
Haveit Neox (upper image)
Krystali Rabeni
Lemonodo Oh
Lorin Tone
Mario2 Helstein
Mary Wickentower
Misprint Thursday
Mistero Hifeng
NaTaS Janus
Sniper Siemens
Solkide Auer
Whiskey Monday (lower image — an image of one of Whiskey's pose set-ups, photo by me)

I had a chance to talk this evening with three of the recipients — Haveit Neox, Lorin Tone and Whiskey Monday — and they shared some thoughts and perspectives on their forthcoming works:

Haveit Neox:
My build will center on a city turned inside out. The mud city will have no windows, no doors. It will have the look of an old city eroded. Only holes in the roofs gain access to the interiors. But when visitors climb down the ladders, the interiors are actually exteriors — what we see walking the streets. My intention is to bring about a sense of having no home.

Lorin Tone:
My plans are to display pieces that Madcow Cosmos and I collaborated on over years. They will be be mostly musically interactive for all visitors...Pictures and noise, that's what we do. I promise we'll have some fun stuff to show!

Whiskey Monday:
I'm going to explore the relationship between 3D space and the 2D representation of it. I'm going to set up a series of photo sets, and each one will stay up an indeterminate amount of time. Maybe a day, maybe an hour, maybe two weeks. And the sim will be open for folks to come look and (hopefully) take pics themselves. Then I'll delete the set with no notice or fanfare. I hope to have the sim open for most of the last 4 months to do this. I want sets that will work for folks with crap graphics, as well as those who can take Ultra shots. There'll be a Flickr group and a gallery of sorts above the sim, for displaying photos that folks take. I think seeing the unique perspectives and angles that each person brings to the work will make it a collaborative effort, and hopefully pull in some SL people who normally don't come to LEA sims, and even those who don't normally think of themselves as artists or photographers. I love the idea of seeing the same scene through different eyes. And the sharing of the creation of art! As well as the impermanence of the scenes, while the 2D representation of them is now the "art." I want folks to see that anyone can be an artist, that everyone has a unique vision and a viewpoint that matters. I think the narrative should belong to everyone. [Update: See here for more.]

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