04 March 2013


Most of you, dear readers, will be familiar with the sim Alirium. But if you aren't, or if it's been a while since your last visit, go take a look, because it's one of those places that everyone should know. The heavily landscaped and exceptionally colorful sim is home to the shop of the same name, Alirium, which sells most everything you see as you wander about: trees, grasses, shafts of light, butterflies, flowers and the like.

As you explore, you'll find that some areas of the sim evoke different seasons (and what's displayed does change from time to time). You'll find tall grasses, short grasses, green grasses, brown grasses, white grasses, surreal looking turquoise grasses, and so on. And the same for trees, flowers and other things. It's really a lovely place to wander, and provides a great opportunity for photos as well. Whenever I visit I want to leave with half the store!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Ziki. I am always impressed by your talent.

  2. Thanks very much, Indi! I appreciate all the extra work you do to help alert the SL community about posts on this and other blogs. :)

  3. Nice place to go to enjoy without friends and relax