10 March 2013

Insight Forest Photo and Art Exhibition

Now open at Insight Forest is a captivating art exhibition designed and curated by Maclane Mills and Kamelia Snowfield. Set in a circular grove of trees on a watery sim, the show features works by Kean Kelly, Rodriguez Munro, Whiskey Monday, Jordan Giant, Citta Wiskee, Amelie Knelstorm, Sare Ethaniel and Annushi, in addition to works by Maclane and Kamelia—all some of the most talented photographers and artists in Second Life.

I love the exhibition concept and installation, but I did find myself wishing that the images were larger: they fit in perfectly with the beautiful environment but seem understated. (Which isn't to say I didn't enjoy the exhibition!) Far to the west is a tiny island that you should visit, too, while you're here.

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