31 March 2013

April Fools House

Just when I had given up trying to think of a fun April Fools post (well, I was going to post a great news story on how Amazon had decided to accept the Linden Dollar as its virtual currency, but that was proving way too time consuming), Bryn Oh piped up in the Immersiva group and said, "They have made a fun april fools house at raglan shire...best to do if you have a tiny avatar." And indeed at Raglan Shire is the Second Annual Frog & Cat Productions April Fools House, and it's quite fun and silly.

My favorite part was on the top floor, where you'll find some exploding planets (sound up, please!)—in the photo below I'm the mouse (in my little explorer mouse outfit from Grim Bros.), and you can barely make out Bryn Oh (the very pixelated tiny) and Cica Ghost (the panda) in the orange of the explosion. Raglan Shire is a sim for tinies, and so a tiny avatar will work best here, but there were also a few "normal" size people roaming about. You'll find free gifts sprinkled about here and there. The house is open today through April 2.

P.S. You'll find more things outside the house, not to be missed (thanks to my friend Juno Angerona for noticing!). And Toady Nakamura, who built the house and many of the tricks (and who says "this year we worked on it for a LONG time"), adds that "the original organizer Clover Dezno is the brains behind the outfit." A tip of the hat to all involved.

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