28 March 2013


Opening today (Thursday, March 28) at 12pm slt is Rust by Cica Ghost, which follows on the heels of her "white" installation in the same space. As she describes it, "My Rust world is a mix of strange machines, chained trees, rusty mushrooms, birds, balloons, butterflies and spiders, elephants and gear flowers that sway in the wind..." At first glance one might see a superficial resemblance to the last artwork here, but it's quite different, with its plethora of machines, many of which are quite humorous and quite busy with their little activities. I found myself particularly fond of the "transforming machine" and the birds.

It takes some time to see everything: one wanders on foot, and this sim features a multiplicity of centers of activity rather than any single object as a focal point. If you're not using a browser that automatically changes to the region's environment settings you might miss a great deal of the experience—entering with the standard viewer will show pretty blue skies rather than the intensely rusted looking atmosphere shown in these images. You'll find a landmark giver to Cica's shop and way to leave contributions at the installation's landing point.

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