02 March 2013

Betty Turead's Antigravity

A new installation by Betty Turead, entitled Antigravity, opens tomorrow, Sunday, March 3, at 3 pm slt at the Guest Artist Annex. This is a brightly colored world (as is typical of the artist's oeuvre—she has exhibited extensively in Second Life) in which rectangular prisms are generated at the ground level and then float upward to a point far overhead, where they cluster. Viewers are invited to take a seat on one of the ascending prisms, and will reach the top to find a platform (photo below).

It's a very "pretty" and, as she puts it, "happy happy"—frankly not really my cup of tea, but for what it is it's elegantly produced. On the exhibition notecard, Turead cites "Frida Carlo" (although I think she means Frida Kahlo) and colors of the indigenous peoples of Mexico as influences, and one can clearly see those in the installation, which will continue through April 2013.

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