06 March 2013

Melusina Parkin at Dryland

Melusina Parkin is one of my favorite photographers: her work is consistently excellent and at its best reveals beauty, line and light that we wouldn't otherwise notice, drawing our attention to the world around us. Today, Wednesday, March 6 at 2 pm slt, a major exhibition of her work entitled Urban Landscapes opens at Anita Witt's Dryland sim. As Anita says in discussing the 40 works in the show, "She has that god given gift of finding beauty everywhere. She sees details that most of us just walk right by, and she has the photographic skills to show it to us in the best possible way."

Each of the four floors of the guest gallery at Dryland, where the exhibition is installed, focuses on a different category: views, details, industrial and retro. The sim's main gallery area, where works by Anita Witt are on display, is also not to the missed, as is the entire sim in general, which has become a frequented location by photographers and explorers alike.

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