09 March 2013

Calas Galadhon: Gulf of Lune

In the mood for a nature excursion? Pull on your boots and get ready for a salt water marsh exploration at Gulf of Lune, one of the eleven sims that comprise Calas Galadhon park. These are wetlands teeming with fauna: sea gulls, pelicans, eagles and ravens silently soar overhead; beavers, otters and dolphins frolic in the water; frogs, crickets, and fireflies hide in the tall grasses and cattails; and large elk graze on firmer land.

If you're with a friend, there's a couples walk right at the landing point, and you're also welcome to hang out in a furnished little shack that stands on stilts. In the far southwest corner of the sim stands a memorial to some lost canine companions. You'll find that altering your draw distance can produce some remarkable changes of scene—raise it enough and you'll see some off-sim elements such as in the photo below.

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