24 March 2013

Tim's Dreams

If you're in the mood to experience someone else's nightmare (or maybe have one of your own), pay a visit to the sim Per4mance MetaLES ..O.., where Romy Nayar's exhibition Tim's Dreams awaits you. Originally opened last October—and fitting for the Halloween season—the installation still remains, although its originally announced closing date was on December 11. As the artist's note says (with minor edits for translation), "Once upon a time there was a little boy named Tim. Tim didn't like sleeping, and every night tried to stay awake. Tim didn't like sleeping, because he was convinced that every night a very bad sorcerer would come to steal his dreams...and maybe someday take him..."

Here the visitor is led on a winding path through a series of disturbing vignettes, each almost a scene from a dream we can't quite remember upon awakening. Many pieces of the artwork are for sale (you'll have to click around to discover which), and you'll encounter at least one freebie and some interactive poses as well. And, as I often do, I encourage everyone to consider leaving a contribution to support the sim and the artists.

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