20 March 2013

pteron, with a caveat

Enter the world of pteron, a mysterious realm where secrets and mystery await. It's hardly a new build, dating from way back in 2007, but even by contemporary mesh standards it's a dazzling sight, an impressive construct that stands as one of the earliest testaments to the possibilities of full-sim immersive environments. Here we explore a deep blue-green world of mystic secrets; we see curious objects that seem to hold meaning, but what that meaning is we can't decipher: we're outsiders looking in on some other culture or civilization.

Physically, pteron exists on five levels: the main area that one sees upon arrival, which is a sprawling and complex city filled with stairways, hidden rooms, meeting places and curious objects; and four additional areas known as <c o m a> (a dark and barely visible world, but do be sure to find the walkway that ventures out into space), <nostos> (photo below, which looks as though we're witnessing the creation of a solar system), <kyklos> (platforms filled with glowing shapes and particles), and <speciation> (another multi-platform area in the sky).

And the caveat? This place has been around for a long time, so as I searched about to learn its history I came across this blog post by slutrix, which suggests that pteron has what she calls an unsavory background. It all sounds quite bizarre, and in all the many times I've been to pteron I haven't been accosted or greeted by isimsizkimse (Core Alchemist) or anyone else. But political and religious zealots rank pretty lowly on my list, and slutrix isn't the sort of blogger who would say something without being sure of what she's saying, so there's your word of warning.