11 March 2013

Calas Galadhon: Glanduin

Within the fenced meadows, gently rolling hills and calmly flowing waters of Glanduin, one of the eleven sims that comprise Calas Galadhon Park, one finds a farm at work: near a quaint farmhouse and barn are young crops of cucumbers, radishes, tomatos, lettuces, carrots, beans and strawberries, along with an apple orchard. You can help out if you'd like—just hop on one of the poses and grab your hoe.

Farm animals about here, too: sheep, deer, horses and cows graze on the lush grass. Indeed, this would be a lovely place to ride a horse (or to visit if you are a horse!). If you can, consider leaving a contribution to help support the Calas Galadhon sims.


  1. Lol, OK, most people wouldn't think of deer as farm animals, I'll admit. But they look like that here! ;-)