23 March 2013

Jessica Belmer, Isa Messioptra and Emaline9 at Gallery Assis

Opening today at Gallery Assis are three exhibitions in a shared space: Jessica Belmer's White Harness, Isa Messioptra's rupture, and Emaline9's Fearless On My Breath. Gallery Assis, owned and curated by Eli Wallace, "specializes in tasteful erotic art in a pleasant and stimulating environment," and these three sets of works reflect that orientation. Jessica, Isa and Emaline9 stand among the best photographic artists working in Second Life, with a strong command of subject matter, composition and light.

If you haven't visited Gallery Assis before you're in for a treat, as the physical space of the building is impressive. Designed by Colpo Wexler, it's one of the best places to view two dimensional artworks in Second Life (not to mention the artwork on display!). An opening reception will be held at 12 pm slt (sorry, I originally had the wrong time!), and while you're there you can enjoy some of the many other exhibitions throughout the building.

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