18 March 2013

Calas Galadhon: Eryn Vorn

Nestled on the southwest edge of Calas Galadhon Park is the sim Eryn Vorn. Previously a homestead sim, it was recently converted into a much more limited openspace sim (750 prims), but the transformation still affords an impressive landscape. Footbridges connect the small islands here, which feature grassy terrain overshadowed by rocky ledges and cliffs, and it's quite fun to find ways to get from one ledge to another via ladders and fallen tree trunks. Tall conifers and young sycamores have found a foothold, stretching up into the air to greet the flights of bald eagles and pelicans.

Because it's an openspace sim only ten people are allowed at one time, but that just might add an extra layer of quietude and privacy. There are plenty of places to dance or relax, with impressive views of Gulf of Lune to the north and South Farthing to the east, and the off-sim mountains, which rise up out of the water on the western edge, fit in unobtrusively.

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