13 March 2013

Neva River Spring 2013

You can't click on the teleport button quite yet, but Neva Crystall is about to re-open her sim, Neva River, to visitors. I'm including the slurl here so you can try once in a while, because it might be open by the 15th (this Friday) and will only be remain open for a short time. And you certainly won't want to miss the chance to explore this island. Neva credits Alex Bader with assisting her in the design, and also credits Wendy Xeno, whose objects you'll see here along with those of Mandingo Quan. (Click to zoom in on photos.)

This time the fantastically beautiful scene is one of craggy hills and rugged farmland, all wrapped around a deep stream that flows in a winding ravine. Central to the build is a lighthouse that looks dramatically out over the wild sea, the steel blue of the surrounding water contrasting against the vibrant dark green of the land. Houses and structures dot the land. Anyone who does photography—portraiture or landscape—or just appreciates extraordinary builds will love Neva River. I'll be posting some images on my flickr stream.

P.S. I just bumped into Neva and her partner Boo at FFL and she says it won't be open this weekend, but probably next week sometime. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Im in love with your pictures of my sim Ziki! So beautifully done<333 thank you so much!

  2. Neva, it's gorgeous, and I know that people are looking forward to exploring it! :)