23 April 2013

Aequitas at LEA19

The arts collective known as Aequitas (the members of which prefer to remain unidentified, or at least to emphasize the collaborative nature of their work at the expense of individual identity) has been creating something anew in LEA19. There are actually two works here at the moment, although they tell me that the sim will be undergoing some changes as one of the works evolves. The first, Wall of Fear, is a simple interactive piece: a large walled circle stands in the center of the sim, the word "fear" emblazoned on each prim. But as one comes in contact with the fear prims, they change from black to white—now saying "love"—and slowly float into the sky.

Floating above the Wall of Fear are a family of rounded cubes, and each literally contains a story (one image below from inside a cube). This work, Favorite Time of Your Life, will be expanded as more material develops, and may begin to populate the watery ground level of the sim (or live in the sky). Residents are invited to contribute: send a story, whether from real life or Second Life, with a photo and a spoken narrative. Others will then see and hear your story. Aequitas provides a number of ways for your verbal stories to reach them, including a worldwide bank of toll-free telephone numbers from many countries. A few stories have already been shared and await you at LEA19, so you'll get a sense of what to provide if you're interested in sharing your image and words.


  1. Wow, sounds incredible. Must go see.

  2. Enjoy! And I'm sure if you submit something to the project they'll use it. :)