21 April 2013

Sol Existence

It's autumn in Sol Existence, the sim bursting with bright reds, yellows and oranges. Created by Jac Mornington and Sunshine Zhangsun, the picturesque region is a lovely place to stroll, wandering around the large lake at its center as one hears the leaves crunch underfoot, the smell of fall in the air. Houses and appurtenances dot the landscape, some very nicely decorated and furnished.

I shared a few days ago on Plurk my general dislike for sim surround solutions, but here one actually works: the lake, shoreline and nearby land are a distinct valley, wrapped by high hills that share a carefully matched texture with the ground. Sunshine, whose blog is also called Sol Existence, has been long involved in Second Life's Relay for Life efforts, and there's a contribution kiosk near the landing point.


  1. aww thank you, Ziki. This is lovely to see and I appreciate the kind words so much. And as always, your pics are awesome!! <3


  2. My pleasure, Sunshine, and thank you for sharing your sim with all of us.