10 April 2013

Old Second Life: The Climbable Beanstalk

If you're a good student of Second Life history, then you know that the first resident was Steller Sunshine, who with a rezdate of 13 March 2002 just turned 11 years old. (Older than Second Life itself officially because some people were around during the Linden World alpha period, cool, huh? And even one day older than Philip Linden.) One of the most ancient things on the grid is one of her creations, the Climbable Beanstalk, which Hamlet Au cites as the first user created content. Located on the old sim of Welsh (and surrounded by a typically crazy looking mainland landscape), the beanstalk invites you to a challenge: climb the 80 meters to the top without flying. It's not easy. (I've never met Steller but it's great to know she's still active.)

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