29 April 2013


Recently Gogo remarked to me how difficult it can be to find places where object rezzing is turned on, and as I searched around I found that she was quite correct. I've always owned a good chunk of land and have always been able to rez stuff whenever I want, but if you're a photographer who relies on poses and other items for your shoots I can see how challenging it might be, especially if you're in need of varied backdrops. So I thought I'd look around for some opportunities.

At Taiga you'll see trees, trees and more trees, because the sim is designed to capture the look of the Siberian taiga, a vast ecoregion dominated by, well, trees. (And, according to Wikipedia, temperatures ranging from 40 °C (104 °F) to −62 °C (−80 °F)—it began to get quite chilly there today as the sun went down!). Taiga is a low prim (homestead) sandbox with rezzing turned on for a very generous 300 minutes, and features a soothing lake wrapped with forests of evergreens. You're likely to hear Russian spoken here, too, although the sim's rules are also provided in English.

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