03 April 2013

Benjamin Glendale at 3Bears Gallery

I count Benjamin Glendale among the best photographers working in Second Life. He has a keen eye for atmosphere and composition, and you can explore his work at 3Bears Gallery on the sim Terra Ursa Major. The exhibition, entitled It never rains, runs through the month of April, and each of the images was created in a particularly rainy location. ("It never rains" was a comment left of the artist's flickr stream which he decided to take as an artistic challenge.) Indeed, it's raining in the gallery itself, although I found the precipitation sometimes made it a bit difficult to click on things (including the photos themselves—they're for sale for a very reasonable L$250).

If you like what you see, there are a couple other locations to visit: The Blue Moon Gallery and the Second Life/Facebook LGBT Artist Gallery, both of which have additional images of Benjamin's on display. At these two spaces the images are more portrait driven, and often overtly sexual without being pornographic (and not without a touch of humor)—I find the work at 3Bears Gallery (shown in these three images) to be his strongest. Please consider leaving contributions to support the galleries.

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