28 April 2013

Third Life

Just yesterday I was remarking on the need for more performance art in Second Life, and today provides an excellent opportunity to attend an event and even participate. At 12 pm slt at the alpha.tribe sim you're invited to join join Kikas Babenco, Marmaduke Arado, SaveMe Oh and others in a performance of Third Life. I haven't seen rehearsals and so I can't preview specific content for you, but previous events I've attended by Kikas and Marmaduke have been nothing short of delightful and spectacular, and SaveMe is always provocative and unpredictable. If you'd like to take a peek at some older work of theirs (which may or may not resemble what we'll see today), here is a video by Ed Vespucciano of I can't believe this! (by all three artists); here is a video by Penumbra Carter of a performance by Kikas and Marmaduke at Two Fish; and here is a long video by me of an impressive 2011 SaveMe performance, Screen Me. Then again, SaveMe might not participate, given this new post on her blog. We'll see—I hope she does.

"Let your hair down and act out to your heart's content in a custom created sky garden, whilst partaking of gift avatars and wearable scenes provided for the occasion that will help you blend in with your surroundings (or not!) and even create your own narrative of events," say the artists. The slurl of the performance platform is here. I don't know whether you'll arrive there or at alpha.tribe's main landing point, but either way you should head to the side of the platform (designed in part by Eupalinos Ugajin) that's shared with the neighboring sim, Ouvroir, and set your Windlight setting to "AnaLu - outdoor city"—which is available here if you don't have it pre-installed. (It should look like the bottom photograph here.) There are a bunch of free things available courtesy of Alpha Auer and alpha.tribe (which, if you're unfamiliar with, makes fantastic avatars), and Dr. Nax is rumored to be setting up a group therapy session at the Dr. Nax Institute for Virtual Wellness. Top image courtesy of Kikas Babenco and middle image courtesy of Alpha Auer.

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