16 April 2013


I wasn't planning to write about this, but a few people have already asked questions, so I'll just stick the whole situation in one tidy little blog post. Those of you who know me know that I really love the work of AM Radio, and that his first and only surviving build in Second Life is The Far Away, which AM had been working on by early 2007. But recently The Far Away had become endangered—the clock was ticking and its days were numbered—and so I've stepped in as its patron to guarantee its continued existence (hopefully as long as AM wants to keep it rezzed). I'm really delighted to do this, and know that many, many people visit it on a regular basis—indeed, it's uncommon not to see several people there. And AM is happy with our arrangement.

But it does mean I'll depart from where I've lived for a long time, my home called ...riverrun... on the island of Catalana (two lower images). It's not Neva River or anything on that scale, but it will be a bittersweet departure. There's a large observatory by Sextan Shepherd that was part of his Nemo build, William Weaver's Build 013: The Phi Cube (to which you can teleport from inside the observatory), four lazy cats (one of which I purchased from Gogo and one of which she gave me, half dead and starving), and odds and ends by Pandora Popstar, Aino Beresford, Marmottina Taurog, AM Radio (a boat), and lots and lots of lush green land. And there's my dear friend and neighbor Juno Angerona, whose land lies to the north. I'll leave this place in about a week. It's quiet and serene here. Feel free to visit.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for keeping The Far Away live. That is indeed a very special place in SL for many people and me included.

  2. Wow what a strong woman pulling that train like that!

  3. You too can pull that train. ;-)