20 April 2013

Thoth Jantzen and JadeYu Fhang at Art India Gallery

Currently on display at the Art India Gallery, a space hosted by Veekay Navarathna and curated by Quan Lavender, is work of two artists, Thoth Jantzen and JadeYu Fhang. Quan states that the artists "show their different visions of a future world," and they do so quite differently—and I'm not sure I'd want to live in either of these futures. Nonetheless, both artists display technical prowess and an ability to realize their visions.

Jantzen's work, Mind Melter, (shown above, although catching a photo of this space isn't easy!) is an immersive field of cubes that flash with a kaleidoscope of colors (one must have media turned on to see the effect). "Just come and experience how your mind will melt," the artist says. And Fhang's work, The Lab, (below) is on two levels, "about a vision of future, where pollution and technique made surviving impossible for human beings. The last child is protected by Cyborgs."

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