18 April 2013

The Luminarios Divide

On the sim of Storm lies a new and perhaps magical realm known as The Luminarios Divide. From its watery cypress swamp to its high sky islands bound together by stone logs held aloft by balloons and slowly churning propellors, the is much to explore and discover. We sense throughout that some old lore is here, that the land has secrets and stories to tell. A massive dragon skeleton, an immense waterfall, glowing mushrooms, chirping crickets, and places quiet with stillness dot the landscape. On the central platform is an inn, and that with the houses surrounding it comprise a village known as Illume. Photographers will love this place.

Luminaer Moonflower, who, with Anitsas Gi'tli, is one of the co-creators of the space, says, "The living aura of this place calls out to you with a maternal need that strikes your very core. It begs to embrace you and welcomes you to explore it. There is evidence all around that you are not the first to stumble upon this ancient, sleeping giant of a place. The beings that inhabit this land have been here longer than they can remember, and soon, so shall you." If you'd like to know more about how the Divide came to be you can pick up a book as you enter, and read more in both Luminaer's and Anitsas's profiles. Toss a few Linden dollars in the pot if you can.

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