22 April 2013

Baja Norte

Yesterday I wrote about Sol Existence, a picturesque wooded sim created by Jac Mornington and Sunshine Zhangsun. Another of Mornington's creations is the lovely sim of Baja Norte (the sim of Salt Water), which he suggests reflects "the beauty of Northern Baja California in its natural state." I've never been to Baja, but if this is what's it's like it will quickly climb to the top of my travel list. (I love going to the beach in real life, but most beaches in SL don't grab me much—this one does.)

The sim offers beautiful windswept views from many vantage points (it's best to keep your draw distance way up), and also some delightful walkways. If you're with a friend, you'll discover some fun and clever places to enjoy the day, ranging from an upscale beach home to a fallen-down house strewn with beer cans to a platform nestled in a tree (just climb the rope). The view from the top of the lighthouse is not to be missed.