26 April 2013


One of my favorite shops in Second Life is Grim Bros., where proprietor Cutea Benelli's endless and wacky imagination is always coming up with oddities and things that make me laugh. I arrived there this morning to see what was new, and by chance Quan Lavender arrived only seconds later, and Cutea happened to arrive as well and showed us a little addition in back, IntermezzOasis, which I had read about but never visited. Here, among other things, is a delightful Poetry Generator that can be used by 1 to 4 people simultaneously, and we all gave it a try. Quan's poem won (by what criteria I'm not sure!), and here are the results:

[04:54] Poetry Generator: Cutea Benelli's poem, worth $5916: as if in the wind excuses or get along with could i and then with mindlessness who are you the pain by numbers takeover your soul what did you say pressure decided from unspeakable places your heart could be reminded me of could be with i am i didn't want to we need cheap date garden you are next to me i see that is weird your soul zoom in on excuses get lost judge you by your happiness excuses unfold

[04:54] Poetry Generator: Ziki Questi's poem, worth $6619: i said that leaves hearts your head banjo on predicted predicted to kiss you notions of ding dong the witch i am a rock my demands delicious approaching you and then the shelter shall we to kiss the hunger of bewildering the hunger of guilt trip innocent against your forehead deliciously sinister your presence unravel oh please i really do agree torn 1000 voices makes no difference kindergarden your love hearts guilt trip noise my relentless desire to like concrete could you i wanted to and i shall false claims of millions by numbers

[04:54] Poetry Generator: Quan Lavender's poem, worth $8075: pleasure time zoom in on annoyingly happy excuses the ocean from unspeakable places millions garden avoiding delectable like two separate countries against the door like a boring presentation open friendship get lost hit you on the head with a blunt object approaching you to anger

[04:55] Cutea Benelli: excuses the ocean from unspeakable places
[04:55] Quan Lavender: that is typical the biggest bullshit is winner!
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: you are SO DEEP
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: lol
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: mine is very teenage angst
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: ziki's is very ziki
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: i mean "head banjo"?
[04:55] Cutea Benelli: that's SO ziki

Also here are a Wannabe Artist Studio (above), hopping chairs and concerned flowers. By all means do enjoy your shopping in the store, too! :)


  1. You are just jealous that I won :P

  2. Hahaha! I demand a rematch! ;-) It was fun.

  3. I do have to admit I like your poem the best. "like two separate countries against the door like a boring presentation open friendship get lost hit you on the head with a blunt object"—lovely and very you. :)

  4. Ha! I'm a better poet than the two of you put together!

    Dividni Shostakovich's poem, worth $13085: of yesterday i really do agree will you friendship could you in my mind from unspeakable places and then millions delectable avoiding who am i to your love kick you in tomorrow i see the lush texture of hearts could i predicted leaves pretending next to me the memory of cheap date predicted cheap date blow up your my relentless desire to notions of your soul could i by numbers who are you the shelter will you with ourselves fake like lashes the hunger of against your forehead yes your presence in my head your happiness your brainfarts approaching you be alone as if your presence the early bird get lost makes no difference summer guilt trip the lush texture of will go with me noise could you accurate and i shall i cant hear you millions from alabama like water by numbers we need oh please

  5. Hahaha! I do like that one. "the lush texture of hearts" and "against your forehead yes your presence in my head" — very nice. :)