05 April 2013

Tyrehl Byk's Catharsis

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 6 at 1:00 pm slt, Tyrehl Byk's immesive work Catharsis will return for a single performance at the Eden Celebration sim. The 24-minute performance piece takes place within a specially scripted theatre in which one witnesses impressive, dynamic particle effects, and all from several vantage points as one's camera view shifts about. If you haven't experienced any of Tyrehl's works before, I can assure you they're more than worth the time—and I've never seen anything else quite like them.

Now for a few rules to follow: sit down when you arrive (the chair controls your camera view, so there's no best seat in the house), set your draw distance up (at least to 128 I'd say), set particles to maximum, hit the escape key to release your camera, and remove any major scripted things to reduce lag. I assume there will be a music track—I don't recall what the arrangement usually is for Catharsis. Other than that, just enjoy the performance.

If you'd like to see documentation of more of Tyrehl's work, he's adding material to his YouTube channel. I also have a small stationary piece of his, Aurora, on display at my Avalon Collector's Circle exhibition at Avalon Art District Exhibition Hall.

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