06 April 2013

The Scribbled Cliffs

Split Screen Installation Space, an art area curated by Dividni Shostakovich, usually features the work of two artists (hence the "split"), but this time presents a special solo installation by Scottius Polke entitled The Scribbled Cliffs. The exhibition opens tomorrow, Sunday, April 7, at 1:00 pm slt, and the work will be up for approximately one month. From the landing point, one sets off walking on a upward winding path from which a vista beautifully unfolds, the pathway then leading down to the heart of a volcano—not one spewing lava but rather spewing floating tubs. Click on the blue tub to rez a tan or purple one in which you can sit, and then you can grab the tub and fling it in any direction for a wild ride (with scripts by Desdemona Enfield).

Scottius's work is bright, bold, colorful and playful—I half-jokingly remarked to Dividni that he's Second Life's version of Eric Carle. But in fairness to Scottius that's not quite right, as you'll see if you investigate the artwork of his human, Scott Rolfe, who creates distinctive assemblages and other mixed media artwork. For this installation he created the textures with an online program called ScribblerToo, which I found rather addictive. If you enjoy his work, stop by his gallery at Ars Lunga in the Avalon Art District or the mushROOM, an "interactive illustration" at Gallery Graine.

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