04 May 2013

Anita Witt at Serena

Opening tomorrow, Sunday, May 5 at 2 pm slt at the Serena Cultural Center for Artists and the Arts and curated by Vita Theas is a substantial exhibition of photography by Anita Witt, pictures from home, which will remain on display until May 31. Anita herself has become a curator of note and maintains galleries for her own work and that of others at Dryland, a striking sim where the images in this current exhibition were taken. Previously her space was home to a major project dedicated to the work of William Weaver and his builds designed for photography. "I have chosen to present pictures taken at Dryland over the last 6-8 months. Many will already be known from my flickr stream, but there will also be old and new unpublished shots, as well as reworkings and reshoots," she says.

An expansive landscape inspired in part by the barren lakebed of the Aral Sea, Dryland has become a favorite of photographers, and not surprisingly Anita's own renderings of the space she created poetically capture the evocative beauty of the parched ground, the rusted ships and other structures and objects. Against this stark landscape, her portraits of people or avatars are beautifully composed. All of the more than thirty images are available for purchase. The Serena gallery itself is well designed, affording the opportunity for Anita's long horizontal images to breathe, and next door is a peaceful memorial garden you might want to explore.

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