13 May 2013

Miuccia Klaar at Colore Art Gallery

Opening tomorrow, Tuesday, May 14 at 5 pm slt is an exhibition of works by Miuccia Klaar at the Colore Art Gallery. This is a photographer whose work is almost painterly and always evocative, with a command of her palette and sense of composition. Works featured in this exhibition include landscapes and portraits, but even in the portraits the landscape competes for our attention. The gallery has posted a video previewing the exhibition, and you can enjoy Miuccia's work on her flickr stream as well. The show will continue though May 28. And there's more...

...because two other artists who are resident at the gallery, Lookatmy Back (middle image in this post) and La Baroque (lower image) have extensive images on view as well in three additional galleries. So there's a considerable amount of material here to see. All items are available for purchase, and there's an opportunity to contribute to the gallery as well.

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