05 May 2013

Water at Dryland

Opening today, Sunday, May 5 at 7 am slt is a notable group exhibition at Dryland curated by Anita Witt entitled Water, featuring photography by Alles Klaar (pictured above against some of her work), Kynne Llewellyn, Tess Falworth and WuWai Chun (lower image). This group show is located in the towering structure beyond the front gallery which features Anita's work, and each of the artists enjoys one floor of the space. As water is a rare commodity in Dryland, the images depict scenes from throughout Second Life.

"A few months ago I sent out a request to Alles Klaar, Kynne Llewellyn, Tess Falworth and WuWai Chun to bring water to Dryland. Now they have all delivered their precious drops, and I am very proud to present Water in my guest gallery. The idea for this exhibition was born during the planing stages of the Dryland sim design. For me, this exhibition is the perfect juxtaposition to the surrounding landscape, and it is my hope that they will both bring out the best in the other," the curator's statement says.

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