10 May 2013

It all starts with a smile

This morning, Kaelyn Alecto mentioned on Plurk that her sim, It all starts with a smile, will likely close on May 15, the unfortunate victim of the recent changes in the ToS. It's not that the new terms prohibit her from operating the sim, but that (if I understand correctly) the cost of the sim was being underwritten in part by an employee of a third party Linden dollar exchange business that has had to suddenly close. I visit quite a few sims every day but had never visited It all starts with a smile, so I finally did today.

It's a pretty place, with lots of natural scenery—ranging from sandy beaches to fields of flowers and more—and a tidy row of shops and storefronts tucked in the southwestern corner. (There's nothing for sale—it's not a commercial sim.) As you can see from this flickr group, it's a popular spot for photography and socializing. If you'd like to see more of Kaelyn's work, she and her partner, maxxster (who is also co-owner of the sim and a photographer), blog at SweetSexyCrazy. I'm sure contributions to help keep the sim afloat would be very welcome.


  1. Thank you so very very much! <333

  2. You're very welcome, Kaelyn! And thanks for sharing your sim with everyone. :)