14 May 2013

Whiskey Monday at Kelly Yap

Opening tomorrow, Wednesday, May 15 (no specific time) and continuing through July 15 at the Kelly Yap Art Gallery in the mainland sim Healy is a modest but very worthwhile exhibition of recent works by Whiskey Monday entitled E-SCAPES. If you don't know Whiskey's work, you should, and one of the best places to experience it off-world is her flickr stream. She also sells items commercially and maintains her own gallery, The Viewing Room.

Whiskey tells me, "SL is my escape, and these are my landscapes...The landscapes themselves are meant to evoke solitude, but not so much the quiet and pensive kind. More the restless and intense kind. But I decided to just let everyone enjoy them as they see them, rather than impose my own mental meanings."


  1. I usually don´t care much for SL landscapes, but Whiskey so good!