06 May 2013

Winter Moon

It isn't winter at Winter Moon, and I don't see a moon either, but the sim is a lovely one. Designed and owned by Dream Shadowcry, this homestead makes extensive use of materials by Alex Bader and others whose work appears at similar beachy regions, but the feeling is distinctive and unique.

From the landing point, one sets off either clockwise or counterclockwise on a winding path that wraps around the perimeter of the sim, moving through sections of woods and beaches. Rocks tower up from the center of the entire build, and, although the path never reaches them, they provide a dramatic backdrop to the entire scene. You might experience a touch of rain here or there.

Sprinkled throughout are places and moments that afford an opportunity to pause—a piano, a lighthouse, a windmill, and spots for poses. It's a sim that invites you to take it slowly. Landscape photographers will have fun.


  1. It's been a pretty long time since I've discovered your blog and started reading it. I feel bad not writing some things to you. I appreciate your work and I find it one of the best. You keep things simple, but always with that essence. I wish you good luck!

  2. Thanks so much, lethalexhale! I'm posting your blog url here so that people stop by your place as well: